A Portal into the
Onchain Social Network

Blockchain is the new social network.

We’ve been interacting across chains via multiple wallets
This forms our invisible profiles & network

Data is Unreadable.

Transactions & interactions are hidden behind hashes

Identity is Fragmented.

Our identity is split across multiple wallets & chains
Making Discovery Tough
Come Explore your Web3 World!
Follow wallet activity across assets, platforms & chains
Realtime NFT trading updates from wallets you follow
Content from web3 publication platforms
Activity in DAOs
Metaverse updates & more

Discover people from communities you like

Showcase your web3 Social Profiles

Showcase your Collections
Curate what you like
Customize your metaverse ready avatar
Composable Data Intelligence Layer for the Sovereign Individual
People can carry their data profile with them to other platforms in future
Building a data intelligence layer on top of the web3 data, to create reputation profiles & recommendation
Individuals choose what they would like to do with their data, keep it private or share and earn rewards
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